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Customer Reviews

  • James Brim
    No more termites! So glad. I need to sell my house
    James Brim
  • Erica DuPont
    Came out pretty quick and took a bee hive off of my kids swing set
    Erica DuPont
  • Julie Adams
    Treatments have been working well. Getting mice under control. Polite young man
    Julie Adams
  • Shirly Sandren
    Absolutely the best exterminators I have used. Much better than the company I used in North Carolina
    Shirly Sandren
  • George Snyder
    Always friendly and knowledgeable... wide range of coverage.. fair pricing.
    George Snyder
  • Kimberly Simon
    Impressed with the answers to my questions... I am glad the treatment seems effective so far.
    Kimberly Simon
  • Anita Woody
    Very nice technicians! Always make sure my needs are met before they leave. I like that they are family owned! I am tired of big companies!
    Anita Woody
  • AnnMarie Lieberman
    Always a proper inspection. I have termite baits, and they get replaced when needed. No activity yet, thankfully
    AnnMarie Lieberman
  • Tina Demaria
    Not afraid to get on a ladder. Went through 3 exterminators that either didn’t have them or too lazy to use
    Tina Demaria
  • Erica Valentina
    Very helpful. Had a bee nest in a weird area. Looks like they took care of it hopefully. Got stung a few times. They came out same day.
    Erica Valentina
  • Ming Su
    Thank you! Had a termite treatment and was now able to sell my home. Left the info for the new owner.
    Ming Su
  • Jim Martin
    Affordable family owned company. I’m glad I switched from a national exterminator. Would recommend
    Jim Martin
  • Gregory Blake
    was having issues with bag worms. They were always on the same trees year after year. I never thought of treating them, or if they were harming the tree. Some of my trees were discolored. Tri state came out and with time the condition of my trees improved. Thank you.
    Gregory Blake
  • Bernard Wilkins
    Kurt really helped me with the mice issue I was having. They use different baits depending on what works best. My other company was using the exact same bait every time. Glad I had a professional.
    Bernard Wilkins
  • Robert Yezek
    I have them come out for my beach house for a horrible ant issue I used to have. They are very thorough. I have kept them for years to maintain the ant coverage. I never want to walk in my kitchen again to see ants crawling all over the place. Very happy. I recommended to my sister as well
    Robert Yezek
  • Rob Hosler
    I have been a customer on their maintenance program for about 4 years now. Every time they come they always conduct high quality work and have great proactive treatments. I even recommended to my aunt.
    Rob Hosler

Trusted Pest Control Company For Over 25 Years

Pest Control - Pest ExterminatorsAs a professional in the pest control and lawn care business with more than 25 years of experience, Tri-State Exterminating, Inc. has come in contact with every termite, pest control, and lawn care problem imaginable. You have too much at stake to trust your property to anyone but a trained experienced professional.

Tri-State Exterminating, Inc. is licensed by the Mississippi and Tennessee Departments of Agriculture and is a member of the Better Business Bureau, as well as local, state, and national pest management associations.

We have the knowledge and experience to protect your home and business against unsightly, uninvited, and costly termite damage.

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