Silverfish Control

Silverfish – Where they live:

Silverfish prefer cool, moist, dark spaces with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees.  They are often associated with basements and other storage areas.

Size & Color:

Size:  A full grown silverfish is about ¼ - ½ inch long

Color:  Gray/Brown

About Silverfish

Much like Cockroaches, silverfish scurry about in the dark and are often mistaken for cockroaches because of their speed.

It’s unusual to see them out whenever a light is on.  They come in the home often from boxes of materials brought in from areas of infestation.

Silverfish are general feeders, consuming a large variety of materials.  They eat foods and products high in protein, sugar and starch.  They also consume fabrics, paste, and wallpaper.  Silverfish can go months without feeding.

Silverfish lay eggs in cracks, crevices and other small spaces. 

Silverfish Prevention:

Repair any damp spots: Water condensation, damp basements, and pipes that leak..

Eliminate their food source:  Use airtight plastic storage bins for paper.  Get rid of anything you find with silverfish in its general vicinity.

Vacuum Crevices: Silverfish lay their eggs in cracks and crevices.  After vacuuming, dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag outside. 

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