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Itchy bites, painful welts and scary diseases -- there's no doubt that mosquitoes are among the most annoying, deadliest insects on the planet. These bloodthirsty bugs are more than just a mild irritant. They pose a significant health risk to your family and community when they are allowed to roam free.

Here in western Tennessee and northern Mississippi, mosquitoes are a nearly year-round nuisance. Our famous humid weather and warmer temperatures create the perfect breeding ground for these pesky insects, particularly during the rainy spring and scorching summer months.

You'll notice a significant decrease in activity around your home once temperatures dip below 50 degrees as the biting flies die off or seek shelter in hollow logs. However, while the first frost generally signals the end of mosquito season, the hibernating variety comes out to play as soon as a warm spell descends on our area, even in winter. DIY techniques, ranging from citronella candles to bug spray, only mask rather than solve the problem.

This is why mosquito control in our region requires a year-round plan that zaps the buggers away before they can propagate. In cooler weather, Tri-State Exterminating, Inc., offers monthly and quarterly mosquito maintenance services to interrupt the breeding cycles. When the bugs begin buzzing, we come out every three weeks to catch the larvae before they hatch.

Environmentally Safe Mosquito Control

With more than 25 years in the pest control and lawn care business, we have developed a highly effective system for eliminating mosquitoes in an environmentally safe way. Our odorless treatments won't damage your landscaping and are safe for children and pets to be around just hours after spraying. We run a commercial-grade mister under bushes and trees, along gutters and around water features in order to instantly kill mosquitoes where they live and reproduce.

We believe in taking a comprehensive approach to treating and preventing mosquitoes from taking over your peaceful backyard. During every appointment, your property receives a complete evaluation from our pest control experts to eliminate breeding habitats. We look high and low for standing water knowing that the most common culprits are leaking spigots and pipes, torn window screens, clogged gutters, rotten tree limbs and rain-filled containers.

Complete Mosquito Control Service Guaranteed

Tri-State Exterminating, Inc., is your resource for pest control services in Tennessee and north Mississippi. Take control of your problems with these pesky biting insects by signing up for our mosquito maintenance plan. We guarantee our work, so if you continue to have severe issues after a treatment, then we will head back over free of charge.

Contact Tri-State Exterminating, Inc., today to schedule your fully guaranteed service. Be sure to browse our Specials section for exclusive online savings.

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