Flea Control

Fleas – Where they live:

Approximately 5% of fleas live in the environment as an adult, 95% of fleas live as eggs, larvae or pupae. For effective flea control it is essential to break the lifecycle in the environment. Adult Fleas - jump onto your pet, feed on its blood and then start laying eggs.

Flea larvae like to hide in dark areas close to the ground, like carpets.  Eggs are commonly found on or near where your pet rests.  Adult fleas prefer to live on the host animal.


Size & Color:

Size: 1/16 to 1/18 inches in length

Color: Dark-colored

About Fleas:

Adult fleas feed on blood, exclusively the blood of animals and people.  Most commonly they host on pets.  The most commonly encountered flea is the cat flea.  Some people are extremely sensitive to fleabites while others are fairly immune to them.  Fleas have a tough body and it is difficult to kill a flee by using your fingers.

In addition to their annoying, itchy bites, fleas also spread diseases by serving as trajectory for disease producing organisms to both people and pets.  Diseases transmitted by fleas include: dermatitis, murine typhus, plague and tapeworm.

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